Privacy Policy for Bicycle Advisor.

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Our visitor’s privacy is of outmost importance to us. This privacy policy file includes information on the types of personal information that is gathered by Bicycle Advisor and how it is then used.

Logged Files

Like most other websites, Bicycle Advisor has log files. These files include information on browser type, number of clicks, Internet Service Provider (SP), Internet Protocol (IP) address, referring and exiting pages, date and time stamps and demographic information, to track the performance of the site and understand how it is used. None of the information that is collected can be traced to personally identifiable information.


Bicycle Advisor uses cookies to customize webpage formation, show correct format of website based on browser type, remember information regarding visitors’ preferences, and other data that is sent through the web browser.


Bicycle Advisor is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This does not affect the independence and unbiasedness of included items and reviews. All items receive the same commission and are included based on performances solely.

Amazon, and its third-party ad network, may also use other technologies, such as cookies, Web Beacons or JavaScript, to personalize web content and measure its effectiveness. This cannot be controlled by Bicycle Advisor, and Bicycle Advisor’s privacy policy does not apply to Amazon or its third-part network. You may see the privacy policy of Amazon and its third-part network for more information regarding their practices. This includes information on how to opt-out of practices.

Cookies can be turned of in your browser, if you do not wish them to be stored. You may find instructions on how to do so on your browsers’ website.